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Givin’ Up on Boston

We set out this morning earlier than we initially planned because we wanted to make up for what we missed yesterday by visiting the Paul Revere House and walking around the Freedom Trail. Apparently, though, Boston is more confusing in the daylight than in the moonlight and upon going in circles through the roads and tunnels, and being unable to find parking that wasn’t residents-only, we gave up and switched the GPS to Harvard. We both agreed that at a later date, when we can stay in downtown Boston or have the time to use public transportation we will go back and actually explore.

So, it was onward to Harvard, which came with a tour of campus with a particularly sassy graduating senior named Alex. He included in his presentation some of the more unsavory facts about Harvard, including the time when an entire graduating class was expelled for starting a food fight in the main dining hall in protest of beer being banned from the menu. Seemed like a good reason for rebellion to me.

To end the tour, we took typical tourist pictures with the statue of John Harvard (rubbing his foot as we did), then raced back to our metered spot and headed out to Minute Man National Park in Lexington. There, we enjoyed watching a tasteful multimedia presentation about the “shot heard ’round the world,” and then drove just down the road to see where it actually took place. While there, we enjoyed a picnic lunch of a deconstructed sandwich consisting of deli meat wrapped around soft pretzels and topped with mustard because we still had a surplus of pretzels from Philly. I highly recommend it for anyone who finds him/herself in a similar situation.

The rest of our day consisted of photo ops including the Giant Chair in Gardner, Massachusetts (which made us feel a little creepy because it is located in front of an elementary school), the politically incorrect Giant Native American statue outside of Native Views shop in Charleton, and then our final stop for the day, the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls. Beautiful flowers on a bridge overlooking a lovely river surrounded by a cute, quaint, artsy town. We had a delicious dinner at the West End Pub adjacent to the bridge, drove around exploring for a little bit, then retired to our Airbnb for the night.

Through all of this, I was thankful for the opportunity to walk around a lot (especially after the hours on end in the car yesterday). I surpassed my step goal, so #sorrynotsorry Fitbit friends. This made up a little for the annoyances yesterday, and I’m looking forward to more days like today as we continue on.

The Widener Library at Harvard.
The Minute Man Monument in Concord, Mass.
~Deconstructed sandwiches~
The Giant Chair in Gardner, Mass.
Giant Native American statue in Charleton, Mass.
Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls, Mass.
Fish and chips at West End Pub in Shelburne Falls, Mass.

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